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Today, January 21, 2017, as I write, women are marching in protest and in solidarity against the newly inaugurated Pretender President and his administration’s vile policies that are stripping Americans of hard won rights and robbing our social freedoms and securities.

I am unable to attend the Sister March In St Paul as I have to work, but I have friends there and I am marching with them in my heart, mind, and spirit.

For the past several weeks I have been uninspired to write anything in my Blog, as the events of our politic grew increasingly ominous and the country marched on to Doomsday with no definitive actions on the part of current people in power to stop it.

But perhaps today marks a turning point, for I hear more and more voices echoing some of my own thoughts and concerns.   Most of America tuned out from the inauguration event itself and crowds at the ceremony were thin.   We may learn to march and work for Resistance in greater harmony because of the perils proposed by the new ‘leadership-of-hate’ that has taken control of the country.

I must leave for work, so will close this hasty post…  more thoughtful pieces will be coming soon, so please stay tuned.

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Doe, A Deer, A Female Deer: The Spirit of Mother Christmas

Oh wondrous headed doe… Amongst its horns it carries the light of the blessed sun…” Hungarian Christmas Folk Song Long before Santa charioted his flying steeds across our mythical skies, it w…

Source: Doe, A Deer, A Female Deer: The Spirit of Mother Christmas

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Doe, A Deer, A Female Deer: The Spirit of Mother Christmas

This is some of my Finnish heritage… I am so proud! (The Sami people are in northern Finland and Lapland)


reindeergather-001Oh wondrous headed doe… Amongst its horns it carries the light of the blessed sun…” Hungarian Christmas Folk Song

Long before Santa charioted his flying steeds across our mythical skies, it was the female reindeer who drew the sleigh of the sun goddess at winter solstice. Today it is her beloved image that adorns Christmas cards and Yule decorations – not Rudolph. Because unlike the male reindeer who sheds his antlers in winter, it is the larger and stronger doe, who retains her horns. And it is she who leads the herds in winter.


It was when we “Christianized” the pagan traditions of winter, that the white bearded man i.e. “Father Christmas” was born. And so today we no longer remember the “Deer Mother” who once flew through winter’s longest darkest night with the life-giving light of the sun in her horns.

deer-crade-of-starlight-by-art-of-sekhmet Cradle of Starlight by Art of Sekhmet


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Tangled Thoughts








Woodlands10_Pinterest_9c62f2bbb81ff87f77193ad613fc5a03Those are headings I tried out for this Blog post, but couldn’t choose one…  I have gathered some thoughts written in my journals over the past few weeks.  I’m still so conflicted and confused moment by moment by events in the world, (and non-events in my personal life,) that I seem incapable of keeping a cohesive set of thoughts to write.  Even my words get tangled up with each other as the thoughts race to come forth and trip each other in their dash to the paper.

My initial plan for this post was to celebrate the seemingly miraculous Native American Tribes’ Victory over the hated draconian pipeline set to run through their sacred grounds and despoil their precious waters.   Indeed, this huge gathering of indigenous peoples from around the world, joined by ordinary citizens and celebrities and two thousand American War Vets, stands as a symbol and exemplar of positive peaceful protest action against the Big Machine of Government/Commercial Interests.

It is an example we can all hold up to inspire us in our joint fight against the greedy Dragon of a potentially fascist dictatorship taking over the United States; and the even greater Monster of Climate Change that could eventually kill the entire planet, destroying all nascent life thereon.  How ugly the armed and angry militia in full battle gear contrast with the beautiful peaceful protestors in their sacred tribal vestments!

It is the future of our children and grandchildren for which we fight… not our own petty personal interests now.  Money, fame and power have no meaning in such terrifyingly desperate times.  Yet we see greed and bigotry taking over the hearts of many.  Hatred and rageful lust run roughshod and rampant through our midst, despoiling all in their rush to Power.

Things in the greater world are changing and re-arranging daily… yet in my own little world I feel like Time is standing still, struck dumb, while I just watch the world go by.  I feel disconnected from it all, yet I am totally consumed, immersed overwhelmed by the incredible extremes and staggering changes.  Shifting moment by moment from deep despair to profound relief, to heights of elation and joyous hope__ I watch it all unfold through the lenses of my smartphone and computer on Facebook, internet, and email__ while I sit snug and safe with my cats in my cozy home.

I venture timidly out to the bigger world of my job at Walmart, or to meet with friends in “the City” but still always on safe and familiar ground.  My circle of friends on social media is slowly expanding to include others as mesmerized and consumed by world political events as I, so we share news from varied sources and philosophize, conjecture, and spin our prognostications full of fantasy, hope, and dread.  Soon we may be forced to take some more daring risks.

Our nation perches on the brink of total political mayhem, with an insane and unbelievably evil group of people about to take the helm of leadership.  It is no longer just the “president-elect” (gag!) whom we need to fear, but an utterly conscienceless selection of devils in his announced cabinet.

Meanwhile, it is being shown by the few brave defenders against this hypocrisy and bigoted sham of an election that much of it has indeed been rigged.  Votes stolen, voting machines tampered with, and officials lying in several key states__ thus giving the “electoral vote” to the Pretender, while our authentic woman candidate won the popular vote by over two and a half million people… (plus many whose votes went uncounted)

So now a faint hope rests on the “Electoral College” …(a mysteriously appointed gang of special voters who are charged with keeping us from exactly the kind of unqualified person gaining the presidency as we have just put in place!)  This body will re-cast their final votes on December 19th.  It is hoped they might invalidate the results of the election, but it remains darkly unclear what that could mean.  Certainly, our nation is in for a bumpy and dangerous ride for the next four years at least.

Meanwhile our leaders seem bereft of energy to fight.  It may be left to us ordinary folk to stand together with the tools and weapons of public media, press, law and military (that have not sold out to the enemy,) through protests, occupations, marches, and campaigns of petitions.

It all seems so incomprehensibly pathetic to realize this has been building over decades under our noses within a stupidly disgruntled and besotted faction of selfishly small-sighted bigots, racists, white crooks and their ignorant, uneducated, (mostly rural) followers who are looking for someone to turn back time to mid-twentieth century when they had the world by the tail.

And beneath, above, and surrounding all this chaos is the mighty threat of total environmental decimation, devastation and destruction caused by human greed and the never-ending oil grab versus renewable energy and scientific progress.  We are indeed living in those long-promised Changing Interesting Times!!  Humans are the blight of the earth, yet among us stand Angels who fight off the Demons of Desolation.  We must have the courage to fight on the side of our Angels.

I’ve run out of words.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Only two weeks ago many thousands of us went hopeful and cheerful, looking forward to placing our vote for the First Woman President of the United States.   We were confident of her lead in the poles, believing that we would be celebrating her victory next morning.  Instead we woke up to the most dreadful nightmare.  We’d handed the Presidency to a madman.

All our efforts to inform and educate people to the Truth; our dreams of a woman-led democratic union; our passionate arguments against the evil portents of a “Trump-pest” administration; our donations to the political campaigns… wasted, made in vain…  our souls, spirits and hopes dashed overnight by a cruelly Rigged Election.

Hillary won the popular vote by over a million people, yet the Electoral vote went to Trump by its minimal 270.  Irregularities are being uncovered in the poles of several states where people were prevented from voting by various nefarious deeds by Republican officials.   We are re-living the Gore/Bush debacle of 2000, only without the interference of the Supreme Court, which is itself now crippled by an empty chair.

Therein lies another foul deed of the Republican insurgency… one which seems to doom us to decades of Right-Wing rulings and depravities in favor of the wealthy elite.   Barring some last-minute miracle, the reality of dangers pile higher day by day as word of Demagogue Donald’s cabinet appointments come through with names from a virtual Rogue’s Gallery of political traitors from the past two or three decades!

It all seems too awful to comprehend and we are tempted to go meekly into the dark night …  many already capitulating, saying “give him a chance”,  “maybe he will change”,  and the most pathetic of all:  “We just have to learn to live with  it and hope to change things in two or four years”

But warnings hail from all corners of the globe where people have seen this tale acted out to its worst conclusions…  and they scream at us to Fight Against Complacency Now!!!  Do not Trust the Enemy to be Humane… Work together to build your own “walls” of cooperative union among yourselves and continue to work the programs that are already underway for stemming climate change and protecting the vulnerable people among us…  They beg us to remember that what we do now will impact the future for decades to come… it is our children’s future we are gambling away if we give in to the racist, sexist, corrupting voices of White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis, and the Ku Klux Klan!

At less dismaying levels of pragmatic philosophy, we can recall that many have prognosticated a period of major change in the world and on the planet for decades.  And we have watched the larger world experience varied levels of drastic and dramatic alterations in their lives, while we in the US have remained relatively secure and complacently comfortable, assuming we were well protected from such a catastrophe.

Yet underneath our daily visible politic there simmered a cauldron of evil, greedy discontent kept alive by small conclaves of disempowered white men and women lead by a clutch of wealthy bigots and liars.   Trump lit their fire and these deplorable folks ran roughshod over our fragile democracy to vote for a fascist dictator as President of the Unites States.


I have felt unable to write since the election, although you have seen many entries prior to the event where I have expressed my concern and fear of just this kind of outcome.   I do not pretend to be psychic or in any way wise about these matters and I was never alone in expressing those ideas.  I only wish I could have been proven wrong.   I have held back from writing until now because I simply could not collect a string of coherent thoughts from the muddle of information coming through the media, and my own wildly fluctuating moods.  I alternated between despair and total hopelessness to a kind of euphoria that the worst was at hand and we now had a real challenge to address and fight it together.

Throughout the past months of the campaign I jotted down my thoughts daily, and some of those I shared here in a previous post.

In the last two weeks more rants and insights and blasphemous thoughts have crossed my mind and I have scribbled them down for future reference in this blog.  As I read through them now I feel some embarrassment at the raw rage I am capable of venting, but I also see the need to express such feelings… it Is a purging of the wounded spirit and a cleansing of the mind to prepare for more constructive and kindly future thoughts, ideas and plans.

So I decided to share some of these here.   I apologize for offending tender sensibilities… but these were my truest, most passionate feelings and thoughts at the time.  Perhaps my sharing these will help others to release some of their own pent-up “bad feelings” and “hateful thoughts”.     I have discovered that once the darkness within myself is allowed into the light it truly can transform to constructive determined action.



Thoughts coming up to the election:

October 10:   Following a week of news about Trump’s shoddy history with women and raunchy attitudes and slimy behaviors in general and now tapes of him suggesting rape and worse of women I am seeing that a core underlying message and theme of this election is really ALL ABOUT WOMEN.

It could be a feminizing of the Nation and the World… signaling the reawakening and rise of Goddess Light.  We are challenged to overcome the moral crisis of Hate and to bring up the Power of Compassion… a hard challenge in this period of violence and hate-crimes and ignorance of the general populace.

October 15:  An article in The Nation re: re Alexis Tocqueville in America brings some insight into the folks who are voting for Trump under the mistaken impression that he will stand up for them against the powerful money interests and corporate/cultural power-mongers.   Ordinary white guys once held a sort of power through their factory jobs and other roles in lower class society which the rich elite needed them to perform.  But now many of those jobs have disappeared, gone overseas and been replaced by machines..  the electronic age baffles them and leaves them short of options for work… and they feel their ignorance, especially considering better educated immigrants, Blacks, Hispanics, and women are gaining power!   Okay.   So, I get it.  They feel left out and disenfranchised.  But it does not make me feel much empathy for them when they act to dismantle the entire democratic system with their mob-ruled threats and gun violence.

October 20:   I totally dislike the hate-talk and name-calling on Facebook but I am following the campaign carefully and posting positive information.  This is not an ordinary election.  It is something we have never seen in America.  The Republican candidate is totally unqualified to lead our nation.  But there are enough people who have bought decades of scandalous lies about Hillary Clinton and so hate her without even checking the facts or the testimony of knowledgeable people on Both sides who are backing her because she is truly the most qualifies and experienced person to be president in our lifetime.

October 21:  We have become an unkind people.  We are quick to judge any flaw and slow to forgive any mistake… especially of a woman in a powerful position.  As if we aren’t all flawed… as if we don’t make mistakes!   My great sadness is hearing so many good women continue to cling to their wrong-headed notions and misguided attitudes toward Hillary Clinton.   I want to shake them and say “at least take the time to read and listen to things other than Fox news and the tabloids… because if you continue to believe all those lies you will be contributing to the possible election of a crook and potential fascist dictator to become President… Remember, this is not a popularity contest.  It doesn’t matter if you personally don’t like Hillary.  What matters is not about you at all… but the future of our country and of your children and grandchildren!!!  Wake up you “Christian” women… check your prayers and blessings against the misogynistic judgements of your heart…  how do those match up?

October 30:   Giving up… losing hope… so much pain to bear under such feelings of helplessness in the face of powerful $$ interests…  dreadful predictions of a GOP/Trump win in the elections grow louder…  Horrendous news from North Dakota Pipeline Native American’s Peaceful Protest Occupation… No help from the government!  If we fight and give our best efforts peacefully and still the worst happens… is that Destiny?  Dear God No!

November 5:   As election day grows nearer I’ve begun to wonder if it might be better to have Trump win because the foolish people will be forced to see how wrong they have been to reject Hillary who is supremely qualified to take on the burden of the presidency.  For if she wins she will only continue to fight the unfair personal hate along with all the other problems the “alt-right” will unleash on her.  This nation only appreciates their heroes and good leaders after they are gone…

November 9:  WE ran the best qualified person we’ve ever had for President against the least, most uninformed and inappropriate person we could find, and the electoral college, with @40 percent of the voting public chose the latter.  The only real significant factor:  She is a woman!   They can’t abide a woman in power.  The misogynistic public cannot envision a woman leader.   America has lost its mind!  We have become an unkind, indifferent, greedy, violent, hate-filled country!
To Hell with the American public…  stupid fools!

November 10:  If we are doomed to succumb to a fascist dictatorship it will have been due to the nation’s inability to accept female leadership.  I vow to speak out about this issue and work with/through feminist organizations and platforms for Women in Power such as Ms, Emilie’s List, and all others with feminist emphasis.

I also vow not to hold back my true feelings and opinions of people who are stupid enough to support a male demagogue and pathological liar, narcissistic psychopathic sexist racist rapist for president!!!!  Such people are no longer worthy of a shred of my respect and kindness.  Sorry.  But I am Not a believer in “Loving my enemy” … so I’m a “bad” person… so be it!!!   I proudly claim myself to be an authentically Nasty Woman!!!

November 15:   Under Obama we were on the way to becoming a healthier thriving democracy… but in the shadows a bunch of selfish, deplorable, and despicable people weren’t “happy” and threw it all away.  If we actually ever have another election in 2020, and a Democrat wins, they will have a country in shambles to repair!

November 18:  Trump appointing his cabinet puts me in mind of a gang of bully boys playing at “Let’s take over the world” … except these aren’t boys and this is no pretend game.  This may be the New Hitler Regime taking shape right under our noses and with the blessing of nearly half of the American people!

November 20:   So, wasn’t one of the main “sins” of Hillary that she had too close ties to the financial interests and that she was too closely allied to “the Establishment” (whatever that is) ?   But the guy they Love is now filling his cabinet with scions and crooks totally immersed in that very same elite world, only at its extreme most rapacious end!

November 21:  In the end I trust women to come through… even those who voted for Trump… once they see what he and his kind forebode for the future of their daughters and sons.

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A brisk breeze blows from the northwest, wafting the scent of burning leaves from a neighbor’s bonfire through my kitchen door screen.

Now the leaves have about finished falling and trees stand nearly naked with only a few scraggly dried plants and flowers hanging on in hopes of a few days’ more sun and warmth.

So, it seems we humans also hang on to the hope of a perpetual fall, straining against the need to prepare for winter’s blast which could come at any time.

Halloween is just a week away.  The veil between worlds is growing thinner, more permeable, more easily to see through and to visit the memories of times past, times shared with friends, family and lovers on the other side.

A subtle sadness pulls at the heart

A gentle whisper of longing tugs at the spirit

The mind reaches into forbidden places, longing for an impossible return to an imaginary ideal past

Finding only regrets over opportunities missed, promises broken, grand hopes for grand achievements never achieved

But this is not a time to mourn and regret lost chances

It is a time to celebrate the gifts of a life full of memories, good and not so good, for they nevertheless mark our journey thus far and those who have gone before can lead our steps in new future directions until our time comes to join them in that filmy vale.

The Wise Ones counsel that death is merely the doorway into the next life.

Have a Happy Halloween,

Remember to turn clocks back one hour on Sunday, November 6th!

The Times, they are indeed changing, let us pray for the best.

and Remember to Vote on November 8th!

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campaign 2016 headlines I would like to see




Card from “Soul Cards” with touch-draw paintings by Deborah Koff-Chapin










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City in Rainstorm


Fall is a time of reflecting on what we have gathered, and then deciding what to keep and what to let go.   It is a time of hard decisions; of looking deep within and choosing which parts of ourselves and our lives to take along into the season of darkness.  For now, we enter again into the autumn months that gradually give way to deep winter.  We may need to leave behind some treasured hopes and ideas in order to sustain and help nurture some other more difficult and important responsibilities.

Personally, this year I need to forego some social entertainment, drop plans for home improvement, and delay pleasurable art and writing projects in order to concentrate on getting my finances in order.  I must focus paying off debts and creating enough savings to be able to retire from my job at Walmart in another year.   I will need to discipline my spending, keep a tight budget, juggle accounts, stretch a shrinking paycheck, and preserve a dwindling savings account.  This is not a pleasant idea for I have always been confident that I could afford what I wanted.  Now I worry if I can afford just what I basically need to get by.  Money is a subject I avoid thinking about.  I have always spurned the pinching of pennies that my frugal friends and relatives advise.  I need to heed them now.

On the bigger scale, for all of us in America this year, our challenge is to let go of old assumptions.  We must reexamine beliefs regarding the safety of our democratic nation; the basic fairness of our political system; the stability of our financial market; and of the very sanity of some of our leaders.   We need to face hard facts.  We need to let go old prejudices and foolish unchecked beliefs.  We need to face ugly facts of the consequences of our past non-actions and misdeeds.  We are faced with a choice in the presidential election between becoming a potential fascist dictatorship or sustaining and reenacting actual democratic reform.   I fear that too many of this nation’s people don’t pay attention and will make the wrong choice.  Younger voters are especially uninformed and easily misled.

I am afraid to say more of what I feel and think just now.   I shall leave that for a later rant.  My heart is too fearful of the evil in our world.

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A heavy blanket of quiet lays over my home and surroundings

Silent rain dribbles down the window

Soft breeze stirs the trees

Foggy mist covers the landscape

Everything is hushed, muted, softened

Like the patient waiting of a meditating mystic

The haunting prayer of a mourning dove

It is a silence that is pregnant with waiting wisdom

New thoughts, new hopes, new ideas

Incubating in a womb of gentle calming peace

Nothing demands attention

Everything rests in simple Beingness

Abiding as Time stands still

It is a perfect day for curling up with a good book and letting all ‘do-lists’ and agendas drop away until the world wakes up once again.



What is it my cat sees

That I cannot

When, suddenly, he looks up,

Leaps and reaches high

It cannot be stars for we are inside

Perhaps an angel passed through the room

Or, are the fairies playing tricks?

I envy my cat for that

I would like to play, too,

With the angels and fairies.

~KW   8/26/2016


Minute by minute

Day by day

Year by year

Life goes by

And when I remember

Three significant moments

They are morphed together

As one big significant event

But did they really all happen then?

All at once?

In that sequence?

Within one year?

Perhaps they were years apart

Or in three different life times…

~KW 9/7/2016

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Mock-up Runs w Wolves_HDRish & Lomo-ish


WE entered the season of Virgo on August 23.   The traditional symbol for this astrology sign is a woman in a long dress holding a sheaf of wheat… sometimes she is depicted with wings, but she is not an angel, nor is she necessarily a “virgin” in our common sense of the word.  She represents self-sufficiency and refined self-discipline, not chastity.

In ancient times the word virgin simply meant a person (male or female) who was ‘whole in his or her self.’   This did not mean they had no committed relationship or were loners without friends or a social life.  They might or might not choose to live singly; get married; have sexual relationships; or bear children and raise a family.

They could do any and all of these things, yet without a yearning need to see their relationship as pivotal for achieving their dream; crucial for their self-esteem.  They may seek another for encouragement in accomplishing personal goals.  They may well share their troubles and successes with a loving partner and family.  But their core strength to persevere and succeed comes from within themselves, from their private spiritual place.

In other words, this is a person who was strong on their own, needing no other to make them “complete” … as in the modern romantic or religious notion that we need a marriage partner or some surrogate ‘other’ in order to be fulfilled in life.

This pervasive notion of Western culture has created a population of people who are forever searching for their perfect ‘soul mate’ or ‘true love’ or ‘life companion’.  We have become a population of malcontents, feeling cheated by life when such a magical idealized relationship fails to arrive and survive through life’s ups and downs.

The desire for love and the wish to bond with one special other are not wrong or bad notions in themselves.  Indeed, quite a few fortunate people do manage to find that other soul who complements their personal nature in such a way that fulfills each of them.  And this is wonderful.  They are blessed in love and all that it can bring of both joy and sorrow to their lives.

Yet a good many others never do discover such lasting love. These folks may feel ‘unfulfilled’ in life regardless of any number of other wonderful experiences and successes life brings them along the way.  They may forever feel ‘empty;’ ‘lost’; ‘lonely’; or even ‘a failure’.

Indeed, it is hard to avoid this merry-go-round of searching for the elusive Perfect One… we seek happiness, comfort, a safe haven…  we seek our cocoon… the womb into which we can crawl and hide from life’s more difficult choices and painful experiences… in the shelter of another person’s love.

In so doing we may fail to grow.  We can miss our maturity and escape our potential wisdom that facing and enduring those trials and tribulations on our own might have brought.  Inwardly we remain as ignorant and helpless as children even while we perform, outwardly, some role of power and dignity in the outer world.  Inside, we hide our true spirit and never break loose of the metaphysical umbilicus to fly on our own.

The season of Virgo reminds us that life is more than a romantic yearning for perfect happiness.  Virgo’s energy calls us to self-examination and re-organization of our affairs both inwardly and outwardly.  Ultimately Virgo is a season for cleansing and healing through service to the larger world community.  It is a time to put aside small personal desires and dedicate our efforts to serve the higher purposes of cleansing and healing our world and the earth on which we all live.


(NOTEJ  For a more detailed examination of the season of Virgo, check out “Mythic Moments” tab at the top of this page.)

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