The nation has survived the First 100-Days of the Despicable Orange Menace in Washington D.C.  The Fake Administration has managed to ram its way through the month of fiery Aries, tossing aside all manner of conventions and overturning civil rights and environmental protections without much effort.  It may be hoped that now, as we have entered the month of earthy Taurus, we the People will strengthen our roots in the soils of democracy and continue to increase our resistance to the inconceivable regime-change that is fast approaching.

Trump and his Monstrous Minions have avoided self-destruction while wreaking havoc on the Constitution; erasing many of the nations’ rules of law; trashing truth and decency; threatening the lives and jobs of millions of legal immigrants; declaring virtual war against Muslims and rattling the saber of World War against foreign nations.   Most alarmingly, by denying the facts of science and common sense regarding the dangers of Climate Change and discounting the need for Environmental Conservation, they threaten the survival of wildlife, parkland and natural resources throughout the world. All for their greedy drive to drill and dig for oil.  This is not hyperbole.  It is no longer just a possibility.  It is Real.

The list of their attempts to circumvent laws and rules of democratic government is endless.  Just as we may think it’s as bad as it can get, it gets worse.  Too many Americans still let themselves be entertained by the daily side show of Trumps tweets and other idiocies, failing to realize that all of that has a purpose.  The purpose is to deflect the public’s attention from the administration’s true crimes.

Beneath the firestorm of False News and Alternative Facts that spew from the White House, lurks the ugly secret these are designed to hide:  Namely, the administration’s byzantine tangle of intrigue and collusion with Russia’s interference in the presidential election.   Trump conspires clandestinely in Vladimir Putin’s schemes to undermine the democracies of Europe and America.  White supremacists and nationalist demagogues throughout the world have been slowly rising during the last decades, while Americans sat smugly complacent, assuring themselves that “it can’t happen here”.  Now we learn that the most malicious demagogues and corrupt billionaire war-mongers have been here all along, awaiting their chance to take control.

Hate and Rage, driven by Fear, contaminates the entire planet.

But now, our nation’s people have at last been roused from years of blissful ignorance and complacency concerning the doings and misdoings of our government and political parties.  Gigantic protests and marches throughout the nation inspire hope and determination to resist the autocratic take-over of our country.  A steady stream of calls and petitions to congressional Representatives and Senators in every state is heartening as elected politicians are forced to face their own wrong-doing and unpopularity.

Yet how long will people be able to maintain the momentum before falling into dispirited despair and then back into the indulgence of indifference?   It seems crucial that we keep up the resistance while we still have the freedom of press and speech that our Constitution guarantees.  For, little by little, those freedoms are being undermined by the despicable regime of Trump and his allies.   Once they destroy the privacy rules and neutrality of the internet, suppress the press, silence the public airwaves, and tap our private computers and phones, it will be far more difficult and dangerous to stand up against their lies.

Personally, I find myself bereft of inspiration and drained of motivation to write anything meaningful. But I spend nearly all my free time with my nose buried in detailed articles and enlightening essays from publications such as The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, and Time.  I pick up more online from The Washington Post; New York Times, and Mother Jones.  A stream of news-bites flow steadily through my email as well, and, last but not less, I share on Facebook and find fresh headlines with the latest unbelievable antics of the reviled Crooked Republican administration and its dreadful Fake President.

It amazes me that I take time to do basic house chores or eat meals.  There is a frantic urgency to this insane obsession that matches the pace of unfolding events in the news-stream.  My moods swing from delight at some small victory of the Resistance, to dispirited despair at the never-ending, on-rolling tsunami of Washington Political Dysfunction and deliberate Destruction.

I Hate that I write only about doom and gloom in my Blog lately!  I had only intended this to be a pleasant romp through all kinds of spiritual and creative ideas… a place to air peaceful, happy thoughts.  The election has completely turned such plans upside down and inside out!

But this is not a time to seek the ‘nice and simple and pretty’ to avoid the ‘ugly and mean’ things going on.  We are foolish to let ourselves be ‘entertained’ by the comedy of errors in Washington.  It is important to stand up against every falsehood, speak Truth to Power now, for we may begin to lose the freedom to do that before long.  Imagine how it would feel when it becomes dangerous to give voice to your thoughts and beliefs, to disagree with those in power… when simply posting something online could get you arrested, jailed, or worse!  It could be easy to retreat into cowardly silence or to meekly surrender to their evil cause.

This is a precious moment demanding to be seized by every freedom-loving American, for if we fail to take courage and resist the flow of apathy and disbelief, it may be too late later.   We are advised by those who have been there in the past:  Practice standing firm in small ways now…join marches, speak up to false news, make comments online and email, pass the word even to those who don’t like or want to hear it.  It will help you stand firm when things get tougher.

Personally, I feel ravenous to learn as much as I can… to understand the depth of evil that pervades the history of our nation’s politics and of the greater world, for I am one who has had the luxury of never meeting true evil face to face.

One of our nation’s Founding Fathers, John Adams, is quoted as warning: “Democracy never lasts long… it soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.  There never was a democracy that did not commit suicide.”   President Lincoln also predicted that if America were to fail it would not be by attacks from outside, but from within when we falter in our belief in democracy.  These are hard words to take in,  yet it is easy to see, now, how it could happen when we witness the numbers of Americans supporting this disastrous administration and the rapacious political party behind it.

For a country founded on principles of freedom and equality and claiming Christian ideals, we are showing a very ugly underbelly. We could easily self-destruct in this maelstrom of hatred and bigotry.

We must learn to work together with all peace-loving people to keep Truth, Justice, and Freedom alive in America.  We need to put aside our differences on the personal issues such as abortion, gun control, fiscal policy, women’s equality, immigration and human rights, LGBTQ, social security, welfare, taxes and all the other matters of our daily debates.  We must unite and consolidate our forces to defend our Constitution and fight to preserve the Democracy that bestows us the freedom to hold civil debates on vital matters in our ordinary lives.

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I believe we are all prejudiced against some things and towards others… philosophies, literary genres, styles of art, religions, nationalities, climates and geographical locations.  You name it and each person will have preferences and their own irrational attitudes on most subjects.  We often express these in terms of endearment or derision: (“I love purple and I hate orange.”)  … pronouncing judgement and giving our opinion as fact: (“dogs are smarter than cats!”)

In most cases these are personal idiosyncrasies that harm no one except, perhaps, ourselves by limiting our perspective on a subject and causing us to appear uninformed if not totally wrongheaded.

But there is a more subtle and deeper sort of prejudice that verges on discrimination, elitism, and even racism without our being aware.

As a white woman, growing up in a Midwestern American small-town, in a Protestant middle class family, and as the only child to devoted loving parents, I have known nothing at all of poverty, social displacement, war, or famine.  I have lived a life of privilege within a cocoon of liberal idealistic complacent safety.  Furthermore, I have been blessed with good looks, intelligence, and talent. Along the way, I have gathered a large circle of wise and interesting friends.

So, I have believed myself to be above petty prejudice.  I see myself as open-minded, thoughtful, and capable of achieving worthy goals.  I have attained some rather undeserved status, made my small mark in a chosen profession, experienced a variety of life-styles through the passing years, and envision myself contributing to the greater good.

It comes as a shock to discover how conceited I can be; how quickly judgmental I sometimes feel; and how very often I see others as ‘less than’ or ‘ignorant’ or ‘unattractive’.   I realize that I am not ‘color-blind’ either, for I notice ethnic and racial differences even if I don’t judge them negatively.  It is a form of snobbery, and I feel ashamed for it.  It troubles me, for I have come to realize how closely these prejudiced attitudes come to mean-mindedness and even cruelty.  They are a form of discrimination that can lead to a subtle xenophobia, bigotry, and even bullying, or the epidemic fear of “otherness”.

Lately, while thinking about all this, I had a memory from long ago.

When I was in High school, I ran with the “popular” clique of girls.  I frequently heard them make disparaging remarks about some less fortunate kids.  Especially, there was one girl who was quite plain looking, dressed poorly, and was clearly not very bright.  She was quiet, kept to herself, but always kind and gentle.  My friends in the clique made fun of her behind her back and called her by a silly nickname.  I felt uncomfortable about this, but never spoke up since I wanted to ‘belong’ and feared their mean teasing might turn on me!  I even laughed with them about her.

Yet, whenever I encountered her on my own I would smile and be friendly.  I learned to know that she was sweet and kind, but painfully shy.  I found some empathy for her as I was also quite shy and timid among strangers, though I put on a good charade of confidence.  But I still never spoke up on her behalf to my friends.

Then, much later when we were adults, that girl… now a married woman with several very handsome kids and a loving husband… shopped at the store where I worked.  We renewed acquaintances and enjoyed some friendly conversations.   She then attended several of our high school class reunions, although she was still very shy around the group.   While others tended to overlook her, I made a point to visit with her.

Then a couple of years ago, her daughter came to the store and looked me up to tell me that her mother had died.   She wanted me to know that her mom had thought very highly of me and spoke of me as her ‘best friend’ from high school!

I feel chagrined to realize how I had complied with the subtle bullying she received, yet that she counted my meager smiles and friendly overtures as a deep friendship.  I feel emotional and shamed when I tell this simple story.  I have yet to comprehend the full depth of the lesson, but it has helped me recognize how and where I still retain some level of this childhood chauvinism.

Now I vow to confront and call out such bullying and subtle cruelty wherever I observe it.  In the current political climate of our country we are all victims of bigotry and prejudice at varying levels.   People of color; LGBTQ people; Native Americans and indigenous peoples; Women in general; people with disabilities; rural poor folks; the aged; people of religions different from white Christianity; and just anyone who is not part of the white male corporate millionaire elite class that now holds our government hostage.

But, as Americans, we are also guilty of our National prejudice of privilege.  We are learning to see how our pride has kept us from recognizing the pain of others.   We, the People, are challenged to empathize with the suffering of strangers; to reach out and share our rich land and culture with those now escaping from violence and tragedy in their war-torn lands.   If we don’t help them and keep our country free for all, we may soon find ourselves running in search of safety with them.

God help America regain and retain her free democracy.

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24-Shots for calendars 04 290



Today is my 77th birthday.

Seven is a lucky number and I do feel fortunate

So much to be grateful for

So many friends wishing me well

A comfy peaceful home with my two fur-babies

And their country cousins outside to keep me entertained

My mind is clear, but somewhat numbed from world events

So, I have withdrawn a bit and not been inspired to write in this Blog

Feeling some need to reconnect, but reflecting on the nature of my Sun Sign


I seem to be in a reclusive phase

And am learning to be okay with that.

Pisces is called a double sign…having at least two sides to its nature

Reclusive and Creatively Imaginative…  Dreamer

Deeply feeling and Connective with All…

A Pisces can’t help but take on the moods and feelings around her/him

So, it is, ultimately, a multiple sign … As the last Sign of the Zodiac

It becomes a sampling of stuff from the previous eleven signs

A kind of Psychic collective of moods and memories and emotions

As a Water Sign, Pisces is primarily motivated by Feelings… Images… Fantasies…

Pisces is a Spiritually Attuned Dreamer … or an Escape Artist

Sometimes deceiving, even him/herself, by avoiding and ignoring reality.

But the urge to hide is strong … the desire to retreat from Life

Not a death-wish, but a compelling need to evade the uncomfortable demands of the world.

Thus, I excuse my delinquency here in my Blog.

I do plan to return with sane and thoughtful posts sometime soon

But for now, I will allow myself to withdraw into my own fantasies

And dreams

And memories…

While sending Peaceful Prayers for the Healing of Our Nation and the World.

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Looking Glass World



February 12, 2017

“Ironic President’s Day”


As the atrocities build up, one worse than the last,

and news becomes jumbled and twisted by their lies,

we must not stand by silently and watch as the world crumbles around us.

But It becomes harder to shrug off the sense that we are doomed.

Where is the Divine Retribution against this carnage of our American democracy?

Trying to keep a positive and active resistance becomes more challenging

As their hatred permeates the very air we breathe.

They call themselves Christians

What kind of God is commanding this horror show?

Is it His intention that we must go the way of all historic Great Civilizations?

This one has only been around for a few hundred years… most others lasted much longer.

We seem to be headed down the slide to the very bottom of Hell

where these Rabid Republicans and their deplorable followers will meet their Waterloo…

taking all of us with them

We are struggling to retain a sane and humane attitude…

To reassure each other

That “We the People” can prevail Together

Yet Hatred gnaws at the soul of the world.

Soon we become like them, but on the other side of the looking glass.

It is surreal…

Someone please wake us from this nightmare!

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Wikipedia- Zion_angels_landing_view



On the 19th of January the sun entered the sign of Aquarius.

On the 20th of January the United States passed the wand from a leadership of Hope to a leadership of Doom.  People are radically divided into two opposing camps.  The nation stands on the threshold of despair.

On the 21st of January over two and a half million women, men and children from all walks of life, and of all hues, nationalities and beliefs, gathered to march the streets of cities throughout the land in peaceful protest and solidarity against an administration that threatens our freedoms at all levels of our lives.  They marched with banners of hope and good humor.

Aquarius is the sign of the New Age.  It has been foretold as a time of profound cataclysmic change for all the world as we transcend from an age of Piscean depths toward unknown Aquarian heights. We have arrived at the precipice of that long foretold Apocalypse.  And we stand desperately divided.

Pisces rules the deep waters of soulful dreams, where we searched the mysteries of spirit to discover our never-ending connection to God and the Universe.   In as far as we have created bonds of love and acceptance, hope and forgiveness, peace and humility… there we have built strength to carry the burdens of this tumultuous transformation to its most positive conclusion.  But where we carry the weight of hate, ignorance, divisiveness and hubris… therein lies our most foreboding passage.

I have studied astrology and used its profound symbolism in counseling others and in my own life, yet it gives me little understanding of the state of our world now.  While Aquarius rules the airy heights of Mind and Pisces rules the impassioned depths of Soul, neither guards the gates of Reason nor inflames the fires of Passion…

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water…  Reason, Thought, Passion, and Belief…

These must work in harmony with each other to balance the forces of Life and transcend the evils of Human Nature.  It is the ultimate challenge for each of us… and no one achieves it with perfection.  How do we even begin to separate these energies from one another?  They are inextricably interlinked, so tangled together in the web-weave of Life on Earth that despoiling any one contaminates all of them.

So, we escape into a mindless boredom where we can avoid seeing the very dangerous and difficult challenges before us.  We go about in self-contained cocoons of grumbling resentment and paranoid suspicions of any who seems “other” …anything unlike ourselves and our familiar world.  We cling to wrong-headed ideas and bad habits to avoid the discomfort of Change.

We forgive the unforgivable and try to go on as if nothing has changed.  We resist the changes by protesting and building walls of resentment rather than reaching toward new understandings.  We try to divide the indivisible and close our ears and minds to new possibilities.  We deny that sometimes what seems like defeat can turn into a whole new kind of victory.   We won’t look at what we assume we won’t like, but reach into the past to try to revive old habits, beliefs and patterns.  We fear Change.  But Change happens without our even realizing it.

We wake to find ourselves strangers in our own land.

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Rebel jpg





Today, January 21, 2017, as I write, women are marching in protest and in solidarity against the newly inaugurated Pretender President and his administration’s vile policies that are stripping Americans of hard won rights and robbing our social freedoms and securities.

I am unable to attend the Sister March In St Paul as I have to work, but I have friends there and I am marching with them in my heart, mind, and spirit.

For the past several weeks I have been uninspired to write anything in my Blog, as the events of our politic grew increasingly ominous and the country marched on to Doomsday with no definitive actions on the part of current people in power to stop it.

But perhaps today marks a turning point, for I hear more and more voices echoing some of my own thoughts and concerns.   Most of America tuned out from the inauguration event itself and crowds at the ceremony were thin.   We may learn to march and work for Resistance in greater harmony because of the perils proposed by the new ‘leadership-of-hate’ that has taken control of the country.

I must leave for work, so will close this hasty post…  more thoughtful pieces will be coming soon, so please stay tuned.

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Doe, A Deer, A Female Deer: The Spirit of Mother Christmas

Oh wondrous headed doe… Amongst its horns it carries the light of the blessed sun…” Hungarian Christmas Folk Song Long before Santa charioted his flying steeds across our mythical skies, it w…

Source: Doe, A Deer, A Female Deer: The Spirit of Mother Christmas

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Doe, A Deer, A Female Deer: The Spirit of Mother Christmas

This is some of my Finnish heritage… I am so proud! (The Sami people are in northern Finland and Lapland)


reindeergather-001Oh wondrous headed doe… Amongst its horns it carries the light of the blessed sun…” Hungarian Christmas Folk Song

Long before Santa charioted his flying steeds across our mythical skies, it was the female reindeer who drew the sleigh of the sun goddess at winter solstice. Today it is her beloved image that adorns Christmas cards and Yule decorations – not Rudolph. Because unlike the male reindeer who sheds his antlers in winter, it is the larger and stronger doe, who retains her horns. And it is she who leads the herds in winter.


It was when we “Christianized” the pagan traditions of winter, that the white bearded man i.e. “Father Christmas” was born. And so today we no longer remember the “Deer Mother” who once flew through winter’s longest darkest night with the life-giving light of the sun in her horns.

deer-crade-of-starlight-by-art-of-sekhmet Cradle of Starlight by Art of Sekhmet


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Tangled Thoughts








Woodlands10_Pinterest_9c62f2bbb81ff87f77193ad613fc5a03Those are headings I tried out for this Blog post, but couldn’t choose one…  I have gathered some thoughts written in my journals over the past few weeks.  I’m still so conflicted and confused moment by moment by events in the world, (and non-events in my personal life,) that I seem incapable of keeping a cohesive set of thoughts to write.  Even my words get tangled up with each other as the thoughts race to come forth and trip each other in their dash to the paper.

My initial plan for this post was to celebrate the seemingly miraculous Native American Tribes’ Victory over the hated draconian pipeline set to run through their sacred grounds and despoil their precious waters.   Indeed, this huge gathering of indigenous peoples from around the world, joined by ordinary citizens and celebrities and two thousand American War Vets, stands as a symbol and exemplar of positive peaceful protest action against the Big Machine of Government/Commercial Interests.

It is an example we can all hold up to inspire us in our joint fight against the greedy Dragon of a potentially fascist dictatorship taking over the United States; and the even greater Monster of Climate Change that could eventually kill the entire planet, destroying all nascent life thereon.  How ugly the armed and angry militia in full battle gear contrast with the beautiful peaceful protestors in their sacred tribal vestments!

It is the future of our children and grandchildren for which we fight… not our own petty personal interests now.  Money, fame and power have no meaning in such terrifyingly desperate times.  Yet we see greed and bigotry taking over the hearts of many.  Hatred and rageful lust run roughshod and rampant through our midst, despoiling all in their rush to Power.

Things in the greater world are changing and re-arranging daily… yet in my own little world I feel like Time is standing still, struck dumb, while I just watch the world go by.  I feel disconnected from it all, yet I am totally consumed, immersed overwhelmed by the incredible extremes and staggering changes.  Shifting moment by moment from deep despair to profound relief, to heights of elation and joyous hope__ I watch it all unfold through the lenses of my smartphone and computer on Facebook, internet, and email__ while I sit snug and safe with my cats in my cozy home.

I venture timidly out to the bigger world of my job at Walmart, or to meet with friends in “the City” but still always on safe and familiar ground.  My circle of friends on social media is slowly expanding to include others as mesmerized and consumed by world political events as I, so we share news from varied sources and philosophize, conjecture, and spin our prognostications full of fantasy, hope, and dread.  Soon we may be forced to take some more daring risks.

Our nation perches on the brink of total political mayhem, with an insane and unbelievably evil group of people about to take the helm of leadership.  It is no longer just the “president-elect” (gag!) whom we need to fear, but an utterly conscienceless selection of devils in his announced cabinet.

Meanwhile, it is being shown by the few brave defenders against this hypocrisy and bigoted sham of an election that much of it has indeed been rigged.  Votes stolen, voting machines tampered with, and officials lying in several key states__ thus giving the “electoral vote” to the Pretender, while our authentic woman candidate won the popular vote by over two and a half million people… (plus many whose votes went uncounted)

So now a faint hope rests on the “Electoral College” …(a mysteriously appointed gang of special voters who are charged with keeping us from exactly the kind of unqualified person gaining the presidency as we have just put in place!)  This body will re-cast their final votes on December 19th.  It is hoped they might invalidate the results of the election, but it remains darkly unclear what that could mean.  Certainly, our nation is in for a bumpy and dangerous ride for the next four years at least.

Meanwhile our leaders seem bereft of energy to fight.  It may be left to us ordinary folk to stand together with the tools and weapons of public media, press, law and military (that have not sold out to the enemy,) through protests, occupations, marches, and campaigns of petitions.

It all seems so incomprehensibly pathetic to realize this has been building over decades under our noses within a stupidly disgruntled and besotted faction of selfishly small-sighted bigots, racists, white crooks and their ignorant, uneducated, (mostly rural) followers who are looking for someone to turn back time to mid-twentieth century when they had the world by the tail.

And beneath, above, and surrounding all this chaos is the mighty threat of total environmental decimation, devastation and destruction caused by human greed and the never-ending oil grab versus renewable energy and scientific progress.  We are indeed living in those long-promised Changing Interesting Times!!  Humans are the blight of the earth, yet among us stand Angels who fight off the Demons of Desolation.  We must have the courage to fight on the side of our Angels.

I’ve run out of words.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Only two weeks ago many thousands of us went hopeful and cheerful, looking forward to placing our vote for the First Woman President of the United States.   We were confident of her lead in the poles, believing that we would be celebrating her victory next morning.  Instead we woke up to the most dreadful nightmare.  We’d handed the Presidency to a madman.

All our efforts to inform and educate people to the Truth; our dreams of a woman-led democratic union; our passionate arguments against the evil portents of a “Trump-pest” administration; our donations to the political campaigns… wasted, made in vain…  our souls, spirits and hopes dashed overnight by a cruelly Rigged Election.

Hillary won the popular vote by over a million people, yet the Electoral vote went to Trump by its minimal 270.  Irregularities are being uncovered in the poles of several states where people were prevented from voting by various nefarious deeds by Republican officials.   We are re-living the Gore/Bush debacle of 2000, only without the interference of the Supreme Court, which is itself now crippled by an empty chair.

Therein lies another foul deed of the Republican insurgency… one which seems to doom us to decades of Right-Wing rulings and depravities in favor of the wealthy elite.   Barring some last-minute miracle, the reality of dangers pile higher day by day as word of Demagogue Donald’s cabinet appointments come through with names from a virtual Rogue’s Gallery of political traitors from the past two or three decades!

It all seems too awful to comprehend and we are tempted to go meekly into the dark night …  many already capitulating, saying “give him a chance”,  “maybe he will change”,  and the most pathetic of all:  “We just have to learn to live with  it and hope to change things in two or four years”

But warnings hail from all corners of the globe where people have seen this tale acted out to its worst conclusions…  and they scream at us to Fight Against Complacency Now!!!  Do not Trust the Enemy to be Humane… Work together to build your own “walls” of cooperative union among yourselves and continue to work the programs that are already underway for stemming climate change and protecting the vulnerable people among us…  They beg us to remember that what we do now will impact the future for decades to come… it is our children’s future we are gambling away if we give in to the racist, sexist, corrupting voices of White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis, and the Ku Klux Klan!

At less dismaying levels of pragmatic philosophy, we can recall that many have prognosticated a period of major change in the world and on the planet for decades.  And we have watched the larger world experience varied levels of drastic and dramatic alterations in their lives, while we in the US have remained relatively secure and complacently comfortable, assuming we were well protected from such a catastrophe.

Yet underneath our daily visible politic there simmered a cauldron of evil, greedy discontent kept alive by small conclaves of disempowered white men and women lead by a clutch of wealthy bigots and liars.   Trump lit their fire and these deplorable folks ran roughshod over our fragile democracy to vote for a fascist dictator as President of the Unites States.


I have felt unable to write since the election, although you have seen many entries prior to the event where I have expressed my concern and fear of just this kind of outcome.   I do not pretend to be psychic or in any way wise about these matters and I was never alone in expressing those ideas.  I only wish I could have been proven wrong.   I have held back from writing until now because I simply could not collect a string of coherent thoughts from the muddle of information coming through the media, and my own wildly fluctuating moods.  I alternated between despair and total hopelessness to a kind of euphoria that the worst was at hand and we now had a real challenge to address and fight it together.

Throughout the past months of the campaign I jotted down my thoughts daily, and some of those I shared here in a previous post.

In the last two weeks more rants and insights and blasphemous thoughts have crossed my mind and I have scribbled them down for future reference in this blog.  As I read through them now I feel some embarrassment at the raw rage I am capable of venting, but I also see the need to express such feelings… it Is a purging of the wounded spirit and a cleansing of the mind to prepare for more constructive and kindly future thoughts, ideas and plans.

So I decided to share some of these here.   I apologize for offending tender sensibilities… but these were my truest, most passionate feelings and thoughts at the time.  Perhaps my sharing these will help others to release some of their own pent-up “bad feelings” and “hateful thoughts”.     I have discovered that once the darkness within myself is allowed into the light it truly can transform to constructive determined action.



Thoughts coming up to the election:

October 10:   Following a week of news about Trump’s shoddy history with women and raunchy attitudes and slimy behaviors in general and now tapes of him suggesting rape and worse of women I am seeing that a core underlying message and theme of this election is really ALL ABOUT WOMEN.

It could be a feminizing of the Nation and the World… signaling the reawakening and rise of Goddess Light.  We are challenged to overcome the moral crisis of Hate and to bring up the Power of Compassion… a hard challenge in this period of violence and hate-crimes and ignorance of the general populace.

October 15:  An article in The Nation re: re Alexis Tocqueville in America brings some insight into the folks who are voting for Trump under the mistaken impression that he will stand up for them against the powerful money interests and corporate/cultural power-mongers.   Ordinary white guys once held a sort of power through their factory jobs and other roles in lower class society which the rich elite needed them to perform.  But now many of those jobs have disappeared, gone overseas and been replaced by machines..  the electronic age baffles them and leaves them short of options for work… and they feel their ignorance, especially considering better educated immigrants, Blacks, Hispanics, and women are gaining power!   Okay.   So, I get it.  They feel left out and disenfranchised.  But it does not make me feel much empathy for them when they act to dismantle the entire democratic system with their mob-ruled threats and gun violence.

October 20:   I totally dislike the hate-talk and name-calling on Facebook but I am following the campaign carefully and posting positive information.  This is not an ordinary election.  It is something we have never seen in America.  The Republican candidate is totally unqualified to lead our nation.  But there are enough people who have bought decades of scandalous lies about Hillary Clinton and so hate her without even checking the facts or the testimony of knowledgeable people on Both sides who are backing her because she is truly the most qualifies and experienced person to be president in our lifetime.

October 21:  We have become an unkind people.  We are quick to judge any flaw and slow to forgive any mistake… especially of a woman in a powerful position.  As if we aren’t all flawed… as if we don’t make mistakes!   My great sadness is hearing so many good women continue to cling to their wrong-headed notions and misguided attitudes toward Hillary Clinton.   I want to shake them and say “at least take the time to read and listen to things other than Fox news and the tabloids… because if you continue to believe all those lies you will be contributing to the possible election of a crook and potential fascist dictator to become President… Remember, this is not a popularity contest.  It doesn’t matter if you personally don’t like Hillary.  What matters is not about you at all… but the future of our country and of your children and grandchildren!!!  Wake up you “Christian” women… check your prayers and blessings against the misogynistic judgements of your heart…  how do those match up?

October 30:   Giving up… losing hope… so much pain to bear under such feelings of helplessness in the face of powerful $$ interests…  dreadful predictions of a GOP/Trump win in the elections grow louder…  Horrendous news from North Dakota Pipeline Native American’s Peaceful Protest Occupation… No help from the government!  If we fight and give our best efforts peacefully and still the worst happens… is that Destiny?  Dear God No!

November 5:   As election day grows nearer I’ve begun to wonder if it might be better to have Trump win because the foolish people will be forced to see how wrong they have been to reject Hillary who is supremely qualified to take on the burden of the presidency.  For if she wins she will only continue to fight the unfair personal hate along with all the other problems the “alt-right” will unleash on her.  This nation only appreciates their heroes and good leaders after they are gone…

November 9:  WE ran the best qualified person we’ve ever had for President against the least, most uninformed and inappropriate person we could find, and the electoral college, with @40 percent of the voting public chose the latter.  The only real significant factor:  She is a woman!   They can’t abide a woman in power.  The misogynistic public cannot envision a woman leader.   America has lost its mind!  We have become an unkind, indifferent, greedy, violent, hate-filled country!
To Hell with the American public…  stupid fools!

November 10:  If we are doomed to succumb to a fascist dictatorship it will have been due to the nation’s inability to accept female leadership.  I vow to speak out about this issue and work with/through feminist organizations and platforms for Women in Power such as Ms, Emilie’s List, and all others with feminist emphasis.

I also vow not to hold back my true feelings and opinions of people who are stupid enough to support a male demagogue and pathological liar, narcissistic psychopathic sexist racist rapist for president!!!!  Such people are no longer worthy of a shred of my respect and kindness.  Sorry.  But I am Not a believer in “Loving my enemy” … so I’m a “bad” person… so be it!!!   I proudly claim myself to be an authentically Nasty Woman!!!

November 15:   Under Obama we were on the way to becoming a healthier thriving democracy… but in the shadows a bunch of selfish, deplorable, and despicable people weren’t “happy” and threw it all away.  If we actually ever have another election in 2020, and a Democrat wins, they will have a country in shambles to repair!

November 18:  Trump appointing his cabinet puts me in mind of a gang of bully boys playing at “Let’s take over the world” … except these aren’t boys and this is no pretend game.  This may be the New Hitler Regime taking shape right under our noses and with the blessing of nearly half of the American people!

November 20:   So, wasn’t one of the main “sins” of Hillary that she had too close ties to the financial interests and that she was too closely allied to “the Establishment” (whatever that is) ?   But the guy they Love is now filling his cabinet with scions and crooks totally immersed in that very same elite world, only at its extreme most rapacious end!

November 21:  In the end I trust women to come through… even those who voted for Trump… once they see what he and his kind forebode for the future of their daughters and sons.

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